Writers Co-op of the Pacific Northwest

WCPNW - where writers help each other become authors.

There still may be some who visit this site and might remember using a similar machine.

Welcome to the co-operative.  Those who join the fee based service become member/owners.

Writing is essentially a solitary vow.  One with ink and paper, one with a clacking typewriter, one with the pixels.  Some can write in the company of a crowd, a cafe, a group for writers.  Others may prefer seclusion, perhaps in the presence of music, in attendance with one's muse, in the noisy, swirling quiet of one's thoughts wrenched to print.

To make printed thought public requires some manner of publishing.  This is commonly a lonely endeavor as well.  A writer must transform from scribe to pimp.  The co-op offers various services to relieve the isolated author of pitching one's work.  The co-op and the site's intention is to aid writers with current forms of publishing whether the methods be e-books, self publishing, print on demand, traditional houses.

The curious browser will also find help on the other pages through the navigation links above.  The co-op can aid in readying one's manuscript, editing, beta readers, workshops, and other needs suggested by its members.  The site has links to both information on publishing as well as author pages.